electric skylight

Remote Control of Daylight & Ventilation

electric skylight
Remote Control System

  • Programmable remote can control a single or multiple skylights.

Blind Option

  • Solar Powered blinds range
  • Stainless steel mesh for areas prone to bush fires
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Electric Skylight




Pitched at 15 - 90 degrees

See the sky and gain fingertip control of natural daylight and ventilation with an electric powered skylight. Add a contemporary look to your interiors with electric skylights that effortlessly blend into any roof type and brightens up your space instantly.

Our electric skylights are durable and high-performing products. They maintain an optimal temperature level in every Australian season.

Our electric skylights also ensure protection against the discomfort of excessive heat gain. The Low-E glazing provides an 80% heat block for energy efficiency and comfort, protecting against UV fading your home furnishings.

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  • Hand held remote control for the skylight’s opening.
  • Rain sensor closes the skylight automatically.
  • Bright white interior finish, painted timber frame and sash.
  • Weather proof, grey exterior aluminium capping.
  • Heat blocking Low-E, laminated double glazing as standard.
  • Energy efficient glazing and unique thermal collar.
  • Flick-fit brackets for easy installation.
  • Streamlined low profile appearance in the roof.
  • Flashing included for tile.
  • Removable Flyscreen as standard.


Size Code 01S 02 01C 01F 04 05 06 08S 08
Size WxH(mm) 550x700 550x980 550x1180 550x1400 780x980 780x1180 780x1400 1140x700 1140x1180
RWE RWE 01S RWE 02 RWE 01C RWE 01F RWE 04 RWE 05 RWE 06 RWE 08S RWE 08

Skylight Sizes

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Skylight Sizes


Size Code 01S 02 01C 01F 04 05 06 08S 08
Size (mm) 550×700 550×980 550×1180 550×1400 780×980 780×1180 780×1400 1140×700 1140×1180
SKE SKE 01S SKE 02 SKE 01C SKE 01F SKE 04 SKE 05 SKE 06 SKE 08S SKE 08

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